Transdata Solutions Announces the Immediate Availability of TRANSDATA for the MacOS Operating System

August 28, 2017

Sanford, NC – August 17, 2017: Transdata Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the immediate availability of its flagship application, the TRANSDATA Visual Data Model Designer, for Apple’s iMac and MacBook computers running the MacOS operating system.

TRANSDATA, an end-user desktop software application, empowers the data user to create complex visual data models, facilitating the implementation of rich, meaningful algorithms in seconds, while negating the need for reconstructing spreadsheets with each change in the evaluated data. TRANSDATA efficiently connects to multiple disparate data sources, including misshapen (“ragged”) datasets, and normalizes them for analytic use.

TRANSDATA Mac joins its sister version, TRANSDATA for Windows, in delivering powerful data cleansing, manipulation, and analysis capabilities for all categories of Data Workers right on the desktop.

“As providers of an empowering Data Modeling application, it behooves us to ensure that our solutions are as broadly available as possible” stated Andy Kerfonta, Transdata’s Chief Product Officer. “Mac computers have a strong foothold in Analytics, and are the platform-of-choice for many data scientists. We are excited to be meeting their needs and hopefully exceeding their expectations with our latest release.”

Based in Sanford, North Carolina, Transdata Solutions, Inc. is the developer and publisher of the TRANSDATA Visual Data Model Designer, and is focused on continually delivering a valuable application and quality professional services in support of its mission to help data workers convert raw data into actionable knowledge.


Jim Messina, Chief Marketing Officer
Tel. 877.484.7890 ext. 704